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About a year ago, a minor debate popped up on the linux-kernel mailing list over use of particular servers and operating systems, and the popularity thereof.

A couple of folks posited that the real test of a high-volume eCommerce server wasn’t something sissified like Amazon, that the real test of pumping out files wasn’t a toy like cdrom; rather the real test of server power.

And who am I to argue? So, in order to provide an, ahem, alternative view on system suitability to high volume work, allow me to present… the Smutcraft survey.

Web Server Proportion Number

Apache 87.20% 2772

Microsoft-IIS 6.51% 207

Zeus 2.33% 74

Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design is a rich, dynamic reference and summarized to the most used terms in graphic design.

From the main printing techniques to the elements that make up a book, from avant-garde art movements to established schools:

everything you need to know about design is gathered in this little guide.

The abecê of design in one place, from Avant garde to Zeitgeist!

1.89% 60

thttpd 0.28% 9

tigershark 0.28% 9

WebSite 0.25% 8

AOLserver 0.16% 5

Netscape-Enterprise 0.13% 4

WebSitePro 0.13% 4

cs go case

WorldNames Webrouter 1.69 0.13% 4

WebSTAR NetCloak 0.09% 3

PimpServer 0.06% 2

SAMBAR 4.3 0.06% 2

StarMedia – LatinRed 8.0 0.06% 2

Brainex 0.03% 1

CERN 0.03% 1

Graphic design course.

Principles and Practices is a basic book for graphic designers active in print media, animation and digital media.

Practical advice on all aspects of graphic design – from understanding basic fundamentals to generating an original concept and creating finished and successful designs.

Examples drawn from all media – magazines, books, newspapers, web, sites and corporate brand identities.

Many exercises and tutorials for students and authentic design briefings.

This book contains specific recommendations on how to tailor designs to support different designs, including information on digital imaging techniques, dynamic graphics and web design, and mobile applications.


ConcetricHost-Ashurbanipal 0.03% 1

Draupnir 0.03% 1

JavaWebServer 0.03% 1

Resin 0.03% 1

Thunderbolt Server 0.03% 1

WebServer 0.03% 1

WebSTAR 0.03% 1

Xitami 0.03% 1

Total 3179

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